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Spy planes and your cellphone

Yet another way that the US spy agencies are scooping up data which includes average Americans.

The purpose of the device is supposedly to track a specific target, but if active, all mobile devices in the particular area will respond to the signal. The Dirtbox causes smartphones to transmit back the users’ location, registration information and identity data – uniquely identifying IMEI numbers stored in every mobile device

Some interesting tidbits……….

Just in case you did not know already about your social media posts, but it seems now that there is a way to search all of your posts as if you were a law enforcement officer. I am going to echo the one point from the article, that it is the company is probably not doing anything illegal since most social platforms consider any post you make to be a part of the public domain.

A second article caught my eye as well . . . . . .

A customer has filed a lawsuit against Comcast, claiming a privacy violation. In the lawsuit the customer is claiming that he did not give permission to share his information with anyone. The plantif claims that Comcast still disclosed personally identifying information as part of a complaint, including his name, to his employer, which resulted in the plantif being fired from his job. disturbing.